I think about you only in
Fleeting moments,
Occupying the idle spaces of my mind.
You would intrude like visions in a dream
I cannot control, but only in
Frames. Pictures, frozen in time.
Memories—I confess—I wish I treasured.

I’d think about us in fragments,
Piecing them together in that lonely hour.


And again, I dreamt of you last night.
I don’t remember much of what it entailed,
Except that I saw only you.
You were smiling —
Not like the way you left,
But like the day we met.

We were happy in that dream.
I was happy.
My mind drifted to moments,
Memories of us, what I chose to suppress.
I might have smiled in my sleep
Until I shuddered into reality.

I sprang up in darkness, cold and alone,
Gradually accepting that archaic, forlorn happiness.
Crumbling back into bed half awake
In the pendulum of consciousness,
I wondered if you were dreaming of me too.

Plausible Deniability

I’m in bed. Spinning head. Mine.
Where’s my phone?         There it is.
I taste the tequila in my mouth.
Or is that the vodka?
They all taste the same the morning after.
How did I get back?
I can only remember in fragments
Like sometimes in
A dream where nothing
Makes sense.
That song from Oasis —
Where were you while we were getting high?
I was dancing with a stranger.
It was cold outside.
My feet moving on autopilot.
What happened between those gaps?
I hope I didn’t do anything bad.
I check my phone for answers.
My world’s still spinning around, I don’t know why.

The Small Plate

I broke a plate the other day.
I don’t quite know what happened
Except that I was reaching higher for
A bigger plate. A better one.
It must have slipped through
The tiny gap between the rack
And the wall.
Well, at least it fell onto the kitchen top
And broke into three big pieces
Instead of shattering itself
On the floor.
What a mess that would’ve been.