You, me, and the coffee in between.
Tapping on the lid, I take another sip—
It’s getting colder now. The cream
Has dissolved, I know as I peep
through the slit. There’s a little left
Of this latte, but I sit it back down
Again. I know, once there’s nothing left
Between we’d go our separate ways.


I imagined a symphony, the electricity
In your touch that would invigorate
That very vitality inside me
I lost the day you left and I
Imagined us slow dancing, amidst
Our trembling hearts, with fear
And hope in both our hands.
But you came back just like a whisper
And then dissolved into the wind.


They say that girls mature faster than boys.
That might be true, at least for me and you.
You were class head while I still had my toys,
I liked you then, despite your tough and cool.
Do you recall that one crushed paper ball
You warned me not to kick around the class?
My dear I was your crumpled paper ball
You chose to pick and straighten, then you asked:
“Will you be my stead?” confused I wore
Your novel sheepish gaze, waiting.
You took my stillness for another hour
Then left. I realize now, I left you hanging.
If I had known to stead meant together,
Then we might just— well, you might still be here.

You Were

You were the smell of roses but never a rose,
You were the light I could never get too close,
You were the journey with no destination,
You were the comfort but never the haven,
You were the reality burned to a memory,
You were my love— but never my lover.