Shivering under the scorching sun
I staggered towards you.
It scarred the already extinct,
But you— you still seemed to shimmer.

The blazing breeze reminded me
Of the desert I now accept,
But in you, then, I saw a glimmer.

The distance you maintained
Was enough for desire,
But I now see past the mirror.


I watched the waves that crashed the shore
Retreat just as it touched my toes.
They took my steps that went before
Exposed, it wooed me off the coast.

The moon sat just above the blue
And drew a path ethereal.
I knew the peril of walking into
That shallow reflection I saw. I feel

My feet missing the ground and now
I gasp for eternity’s breath.
The mystery I sought to know
I take with me into my death.

I guess I yearn for the unknown
Even if in the end, I drown.