Crushing waterfall,
a gentle breeze past my skin
healing exhaustion.

Fickle Hearts

One moment you are in absolute ecstasy
Of ludicrous attraction trapped in hopeless
Neglect of everything else threading on the
Precarious belief of having complete control
Of the ravenous heart until its prey no longer
Satisfies. Then with the flick of a switch
The heart switches its target and guilty as
You are you cannot change what the heart craves
You cannot fight your feelings
So all you are left with is the submission
To your fickle heart.

The Christmas Wish

She stooped toward the foot of the tree
Glistening with stolen stars from me,
As she emerged she held up a box
Wrapped in that sweater and her new socks.

“Go on, open it!”

Her eyes sparkled amongst the constellations
As her voice chorused the carols of angels.
And right as I reached to snatch her in I knew
No Santa could ever make this wish come true.


It probably is the extreme end —
Yet this terminal almost always sees
The beginning of the rest of the world
The opening of eyes and
The awakening of wanderlust.
A place that terminates familiarity
And promises a certain arousing uncertainty.

Yes, this terminal is a full stop at the end of a sentence.
A sentence in a chapter
Of a novel
Among a collection.

Go out there and finish writing it.

Cross My Heart

There was a time when my heart belonged only to you, even as it beat for my very existence. I could have sworn that my heart begged to be returned to you with every knock on the door of my empty chest.

I love you, cross my heart 

But you let me go as those words hung loosely on my lips, and that is the day my heart started beating for me once again.


Two tokens and I am in, under a sea of luminaries
I stepped onto another, albeit smaller, equally celestial.
The jealous lights marked out its boundaries
Within which horses hoard like soldiers before battle.

Slow at first, then fast as children hold their horses tight
With closed eyes hoping their steed could take them away
Up then down round and round the sound of ecstasy
Then disappointment — please exit from the side.

And as the Sun sees off the stars
The lights no longer hold the hope,
It stands alone now shrouded in bars —
the merry-go-round stops.