I miss you. The truth is I never wanted to let you go. The truth is that it kills me to know that someone else is seeing the smile that lit up my world, my world that has dimmed ever since that goodbye.

A goodbye that used to come with anticipation, an unspoken vow that we’ll meet again, but the last goodbye promised nothing but forever, the goodbye that was anything but good. You said that there was no need to be sorry. But you didn’t understand, I was sorry. I am sorry we have to be strangers again.

But as I sit watching the sun set behind the infinite waters, how I wish you were sitting beside me, gleaming as you tell me how beautiful the sky is, and I would agree, while gazing at the galaxies in your eyes.

I miss you. A part of me always will. Just know that I would’ve been there in a heartbeat when the world’s fast asleep, when you call, and I would’ve caressed your open palm with mine, pulling it to my heart all while telling you how beautiful you are, that how someone as imperfect as you could be so perfect to me.

I would tell you that I love you – If only you would let me.

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