Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we first met, the symphonies only we could hear?
Do you remember how we felt sitting across the table from each other, exchanging playful glances?
Do you remember how we’d joke about love, how we flirted with the idea, how it suddenly became real?
Do you remember roaming the mall in pajamas without a care in the world?
Do you remember that time on the bridge, you held on to me so tight because you were afraid of falling?

I held on to you tighter, because I had already fallen.

Do you remember how we did early mornings because you couldn’t do late nights?
Do you remember just watching the world pass by because being beside each other was good enough?
Do you remember how we sat at Starbucks till our coffee grew too cold and too sweet?
Do you remember how you were uncertain about our future but I told you that that’s okay?
Do you remember when you said “I’ll try.”?
Do you remember when you didn’t?
Do you remember when there was someone else?
Do you remember our last embrace?
Do you remember our last goodbye?

Because I do.

The Little Things

When you hear your alarm go off, or the harmonious melody of ecstatic birds singing, and you see the morning sunlight slither through the cracks between your curtains, feeling the rays caress your bare body with its warmth, remember, that for some, they never knew the meaning of day because they have always been in a world of darkness. Remember, that for others, all they ever wanted from this life was to hear their loved ones say, “Good morning, love”.

When you’re caught in a dilemma between coffee or tea, remember that some crave for just a drop of water. When you enter the shower and shiver involuntarily as the warm water run through the back of your spine on a cold winter morning, remember that others are shivering too, out there when the cold wind blows.

When your mother scolds you for things that are way too unreasonable, remember that some never knew the voice of their parents. Never forget, that there was a girl who once yearned for love from her parents, who when others asked where her home was, found no answer, because she never knew what a home meant.

Every morning, tell your family you love them, because one day it will be the last time they hear it.


It’s like the sun only wants you to look at it at its prettiest. At noon, you try to look up but you won’t be able to stare straight at the sun. It blinds you with its rays even before you set your eyes upon it. Its pale yellow sobersided vivacity then, cannot impress the blue and white sky.

But as it sets, you stare at the crimson ball that takes the defenseless sky as canvas, painting it an iridescent hue. Lowering itself down almost as if it acknowledges its own beauty and, showing off to the world the sun glances back and smiles, saying “look at me now.”


I miss you. The truth is I never wanted to let you go. The truth is that it kills me to know that someone else is seeing the smile that lit up my world — my world that has dimmed ever since that goodbye.

A goodbye that used to come with anticipation, an unspoken vow that we’ll meet again, but the last goodbye promised nothing but forever, the goodbye that was anything but good. You said that there was no need to be sorry. But you didn’t understand, I was sorry — I am sorry we have to be strangers again.

But as I sit watching the sun set behind the infinite waters, how I wish you were sitting beside me, gleaming as you tell me how beautiful the sky is, and I would agree, while gazing at the galaxies in your eyes.

I miss you. A part of me always will. Just know that I would’ve been there in a heartbeat when the world’s fast asleep, when you call, and I would’ve caressed your open palm with mine, pulling it to my heart all while telling you how beautiful you are, that how someone as imperfect as you could be so perfect to me.

I would tell you that I love you – If only you would let me.