A Wondering Mind, A Wandering Heart

This insatiable desire for the unknown, the yearning for the unfamiliar, where do they come from? I long to visit places I’ve never been to, discover things I’ve never seen before. Yet the more I roam the more I crave, the more I see the more there seem to be.

Is it because I haven’t found the reason to stay? Or maybe I have, but am not ready to accept. There’s a whole world out there that I will never finish exploring, but maybe there’s a whole world in a place, or a person.



The Storm

My mind – deafening in the silence
seemed to roam the world
enclosed within these four walls. Then it

started. At first with a roar,
a soft tap on the window
warning me of its imminent fall.
It grew louder, stronger now,
bold, boisterous booming beyond the boundaries of the
submissive passivity of my sterile mind.
I heard its waking whisper

and, moving to the window near
beyond which the result of pent-up wrath
releasing its fury
I shut my eyes, blinked. Sunrise.

The Words I Found Too Late

I love the beach, the waves that crash onto the shores, the wind that brushes through my skin, the serenity it gives me, to think.

I love the rain, and the smell of it, that despite its ominous skies there’s hope in every drop, that after the storm a beautiful rainbow paints the pale blue sky.

I love a good cup of coffee every morning, the energy it could give me to last the entire day, how necessary it is to me.

Being anywhere with you is like being by the beach, your tears are my rain, and your touch, my coffee for every morning. You remind me why I love the things I do, all at once, and that’s why I know that I love you, more than everything else combined.